Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Deed Is Done

And instantly, speculation started about the next stimulation bill. Or, to phrase it more felicitously, the next JOBS bill. Here in NYC, the aptly named Bruce Ratner is lobbying for funds to complete clogging the heart of Brooklyn with his Atlantic Yards project, a giant sports/residential/shopping complex that ran out of gas even before the market tanked.
And cheerfully, indefatigably corrupt Al D’amato is lobbying for Ratner. D’amato’s last triumphant project? Kirsten Gillibrand. So though AY is mired in lawsuits (lots of eminent domain problems), I wouldn’t be shocked to see some of its 16 towers rising across the river.
The showpiece, Frank Gehry’s “Miss Brooklyn”, a dainty, undulating building who looked like she was lifting her skirts, has been replaced by a pile of shoeboxes, as if she’d just grabbed her Manolos and cleared out.

Obama announced that this bill did more for healthcare than had been done in a decade. Sayyyyy, doesn’t “decade” include the last years of the Clinton administration?

Was that a swipe?
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