Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At 6:40 A.M., less than five blocks from Ground Zero, I voted for Barack Obama for President of the United States. Barack Hussein Obama, who, while he will make mistakes, will never make them out of carelessness, lack of inquiry, pique, or false bravado.

And that's why I trust him with my safety, living less than five blocks from Ground Zero.

Let this horrible screaming downward spiral be ended at last. And yes, voting for the first African-American President, as all outward signs indicate he will be, was a momentous, gigantic, glorious thrill. There were so many reasons to vote for him, and reasons to vote against the poor shell of a man that used to be John McCain, but above all, to have a President who falls within the reasonable bounds of human decency after eight years (and perhaps a little more), that is most gratifying of all.


  1. Um. Indeed. It's rather amazing that we are about to have our first African-American President. I was reading about Mr. Obama's excursions in Hawaii, where he is vacationing prior to returning to D.C. to be sworn in as President. I hope to God that he is being protected as well as our current President has been, although that's scarcely possible, since Mr. B. has only appeared at events controlled by the Republican Party for 8 years, many of which required signed oaths of loyalty from any prospective attendees. Well, at least we have yet to see any elderly mothers of dead soldiers forcibly ejected from Mr. Obama's appearances for the heinous crime of carrying signs or asking questions about the Iraq occupation. By the way, I also voted for Mr. Obama, and although I find many of his cabinet appointments uninspiring, I have so far not regretted my vote.

  2. Nor have I regretted mine, and we're already minus twenty days into his administration!

    I think he's going to remain rational, which is really all I ever asked. PUMAs--are you familiar with PUMAs? Lovely bunch of people, borderline personality symptoms aside---like to characterize Obama voters as robotic dewy-eyed cult-followers, but a whole lot of weathered, dyspeptic, chronically skeptical old broads such as I supported him, knowing full well we wouldn't like some of his decisions. It's just encouraging that we might be reentering reality as we once knew it, a sometimes shabby place far different from the constantly spinning Karl Rove carnival of cotton candy and gore we've been living in for the last eight years.