Thursday, October 23, 2008

looking cheap at any price

This scandal is so plump, so tasty, how best can we excise every glorious morsel and not miss a single tidbit?

The Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion editor missed all of it. She wrote a piece about Sarah Palin's unassuming, fashion-free middle-class "non-assertive" outfits.

She didn't notice the red leather jacket (Jon Stewart accused Palin of borrowing Michael Jackson's "Thrilla" jacket)? Or the dominatrix boots, or the Judy Garland over-the-bridge-to-nowhere-red-spangled-F-me-pumps? Or the chartreuse raw silk jacket? Or the bell-sleeved fitted jackets, with the little bow at the waist?

I assumed they'd fancied Sarah up, but even I had no idea. I thought they just had a few little half-blind children in the basement running up RealAmurkawearTM for her night and day.


  1. Yes, Mrs. P, you have once again produced a lovely illustration for your post. I think you have missed one tiny detail, however. I personally always thought that one of the reasons John McSame chose Mrs. Paleface as his running mate was probably the fact that she is one of the few Republicans (excuse my language, please) anywhere who is shorter than he. Nevertheless, I think that this and your other illustrations of her catch her essence quite well.

  2. That's true! She's just a little bilious Pixie! Well, after you remove the hair and heels, she barely comes up to his knee, but she is such an enormous character, and has so much of the mannequin about her,(more than we ever realized!)that I had to have poor little McCain trying to haul her enormous spiky celebrity image around.