Monday, December 10, 2007


A Card for my Father

He really did see the Hindenberg. He was at Admiral Farragut Military Academy in New Jersey. I suppose they were all watching for it, and it floated right over on the way to its historic immolation.

I wonder if that image was transmuted into the dream he told us about years ago, when we were all sitting around the kitchen table at breakfast. Here it is:

It is a holiday in a small New England town. People are standing around, waiting, as for a parade. A shadow forms in the distance. Slowly, it takes over the sky, darkens the sun. Looking up, my father realizes it is the underside of a giant elephant. The shadow passes, and as it goes, the crowd breaks into applause, and cheers, "Elizabeth's done it again!"

This is the best dream I ever heard. Most people are more entranced with their own dreams than with each others', but all my friends have to admit that this is one really great dream.

He is in the rehab center, which looks awfully like a nursing home. I've come down with a cold and can't see him, so I'm sending him this.


  1. Hi, good blog :)
    Look from Quebec Canada

    WWG :)

  2. wwq, vous etes ma primiere! Merci. My grandfather used to rent a fishing cabin in Quebec, on Lac St. Francois, close to Cazaville. There was one room downstairs with a large oak table , and a tin-roofed attic with cots, and a Keep Out sign above. Irene, the housekeeper, didn't like the Keep Out sign, so she hung a crucifix right on top of it, so that it looked like KEEP (Jesus) OUT.
    There were also a number of photos of men holding strings of dead fish and dead ducks, and one photo of a bald-headed man standing in front of tree to which had been nailed a giant fish's jaws. I was five when last I saw this picture, and it always thrilled me to look at it because I thought the tree was about to bite the man's head.